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Hero Inside utilizes the influential and relatable power of music to spread awareness & help users and their loved ones find the “hero inside” of themselves necessary to overcome the dire impacts of heroin.

In a span of less than 8 months, St. Louis Metro East musician, Nick Menn lost 3 friends to heroin-related deaths; he was so heavily impacted he wrote a song titled “Hero Inside.” Upon release, the song was received exceptionally well across all social media outlets; it inspired addicts and provided a small level of awareness that was not present before the release. Realizing the potential impact for positive change, the Hero Inside organization was born in 2012.

The first step of Hero Inside is to raise awareness surrounding the problems caused by heroin in a manner that addicts, their loved ones, and the general public can identify with. The core belief behind the Hero Inside philosophy is that quitting heroin starts with opening communication, often the people closest to the user have no idea heroin is involved, because the user themselves are ashamed. We want to make it known that heroin is rampant and something that should be brought into the conversation and not just discussed behind closed doors. To encourage conversation and spread awareness, Hero Inside hosts rallies, music festivals, and other events sharing the philosophy with the public. People identify with music in a unique manner notz easily replicated in other media formats; this form of communication is simple and effective, sparking more interaction than basic rallies. In combination with this entertainment, the goal is to provide as much information as possible through detox and rehab resources, guest speakers, and general conversation.

While encouraging awareness, Hero Inside also aims to provide help to addicts and their loved ones in any way possible. Cost should never be the deciding factor on whether or not an addict gets the assistance they require, so we seek to help alleviate this stress whenever possible. Hero Inside strives to create a stronger presence in the community than heroin itself, we want people to know they can seek our assistance without question or concern for being judged or punished. Hero Inside is operated by a group of people that don’t see users as the problem; everyone involved understands the true problem is the drug itself. Our mission is to help, we aren’t law enforcement, we aren’t an expensive rehab clinic; we are an organization of people who genuinely want to help people take their lives back from this devastating drug.
The Hero Inside has an ambitious cause, if you’re interested in volunteering, donating, or sponsoring our next event please email us at